Dec 31 2013

Garden Shed for the self builder

When you have completed your newbuild and you start to undertake the landscaping in the grounds you will need to consider a garden shed.

sheds direct has an extensive range of garden sheds and buildings.

popular garden sheds

Sep 7 2009

Window have arrived

First of the Oak frames installed

First of the Oak frames installed

Over the weekend we had the Oak window frames delivered to the site, this morning the Bob and Nick arrived to install them.

Sep 6 2009

Bricklayers have completed the chimney’s


Both chimneys are now up just need to get the roofers to dress the lead once they have got the roof tiles on.

Sep 1 2009

Installing Insulation Over The Exposed Oak

Roof Insulation

Roof Insulation

This week we have started started installing the Celotex insulation over the exposed Oak. This involves laying 12.5 mm foil backed plaster board directly on top of the Oak then a layer of 80 mm Celotex, roofing batten is then laid in the same direction as the Oak rafters and fixed in place with 150 mm decking bolts then 30 mm Celotex is laid in between the battens.

The roofers will then lay counter battens, breathable membrane and then the tiles!

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